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The passion for motorbikes and the emotion of living a journey meant as an inner growth are the principles on which we have based our philosophy.
Taking a motorcycle holiday means going back home satisfied, and not exhausted by the fatigue of a stressful journey, that would only let you admire the wonderful landscapes framed into your visor helmet and nothing else. Our travels do not involve demanding stages and they are always commensurate with road conditions. Moreover, we consider cultural visits and tasting stopovers essential to our journeys.
The style of Aimto is  to share the wonders of our Belpaese with you.
Beauty will save the world.
“Se si insegnasse la bellezza alla gente, la si fornirebbe di un’arma contro la rassegnazione, la paura e l’omertà. All'esistenza di orrendi palazzi sorti all'improvviso, con tutto il loro squallore, da operazioni speculative,  ci si abitua con pronta facilità, si mettono le tendine alle finestre, le piante sul davanzale, e presto ci si dimentica di come erano quei luoghi prima, ed ogni cosa, per il solo fatto che è così, pare dover essere così da sempre e per sempre. E’ per questo che bisognerebbe educare la gente alla bellezza perché in uomini e donne non si insinui più l’abitudine e la rassegnazione ma rimangano sempre vivi la curiosità e lo stupore” 
(Peppino Impastato) – An Italian journalist, activist and poet, famous for his attacks against mafia activities, for which he was murdered on May 9th 1978.
In this extract, the Italian journalist Peppino Impastato says that people should learn to appreciate the beauty of things because BEAUTY helps people to defeat their fears and to prevent them from being resigned,  by stimulating  their curiosity and surprising them.
Our itineraries are organized in such a way as to make you appreciate the authentic and hidden Italy, which is genuine and slow, besides the classic destinations.  We want you to know places where individual communities have organized their villages on a human scale in order to valorize their territory.
In our opinion, this way of living is better because it meets the need to increase social wealth and economic prosperity, without persistently aiming at economic growth. In quantitative terms, this inevitably leads to an irreversible and exasperated consumption of natural and cultural resources.
A network of districts embraces these values: The most beautiful Villages of Italy (200 districts were included in this exclusive club just now)
To be admitted into this club, districts must correspond to certain structural requisites, such as the harmony of the urban architecture and the quality of its public and private building heritage, and general characteristics regarding how nice it is to live in the village in terms of activities and services to its citizens. 
Thus, Beauty becomes the element of identity and the trade mark of the territory that can’t be damaged in the name of a false development based on economic growth.
“Beauty will save the world”: The most beautiful Villages of Italy want to save Beauty.
Aimto shares this concept and tries to make you feel not just a simple tourist traveling around Italy, but the real protagonist of a journey during which you can discover the wonders of a new country, know its culture and grow inwardly. To sum up, all our itineraries will always pass through these the places that represent the real heart of Italy and of Italians.

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