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Why a guided tour?
Besides the obvious benefits in terms of security and serenity when taking a motorcycle tour supported by a guide, let’s take a look at other less direct reasons that allow you to deeply understand the heart of the trip.
The journey has always had a key role in the education of men and women. When we leave our families for less known or even unknown places, we must be ready to live a real inner and cultural growth.
This concept of acquiring something interior is relative for each of us. Before getting to experiential tourism, let’s first analyze the method and the recent history lived by each of us. In the Western world, commonly known as the industrialized and advanced world, in the Sixties just 40% of the people living in these countries used to work in the industrial sector and when they went to buy a pair of shoes they demanded it to be robust and comfortable, because it should last a lifetime. In the present day 70% of the people of the same world has in mind a specific brand and a specific style at the moment of buying a pair of shoes. And thus a pair of canvas shoes that leaves the Malaysian factory already ready to be worn at the price of 3 dollars is sold for 100 dollars in the Western world. This happens also in other contexts (a given example is that of the call centers: you call in New York and they answer from India).
The concept of value changes with the lifestyle
What about emotions? Where are they created?
Is the “do-it-yourself-trip” over? Some travellers look persistently for emotions, such as surprise, wonder and even horror. They organize holiday trips in places where a murder was committed.
Others turn to ancient masterpieces such as the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” in Milan, or some other famous works of art shown on television, at the cinema and in magazines. 
They are well-known products that don’t need any transformation or distribution because they are raw materials that distribute themselves autonomously.
Those who visit the Empire State Building for the first time will undoubtedly feel a strong emotion, the same felt by those who enter St. Peter’s Square or manage to  reach the Gioconda. Emotions have no color, no ethics, no discretion. They are brief, end quick and soon disappear. In St. Peter’s Square people always look for the window from where the Pope speaks, the one you must have seen hundreds of times on TV. It’s just a small and distant window; you can’t even take a photo of it.
It must also be said that the Mona Lisa is a small and a little faded painting that doesn’t seem to deserve its worldwide fame. In Copenhagen, if you want to see the Mermaid you have to walk for twenty minutes and then find yourself facing a dark and unpleasant bronze block.
But emotions can be poor, and turn into disillusion, unless somebody takes you by the hand and suggests “Come with me, I’ll show you something extraordinary”. He takes you in front of the “Pietà” by Michelangelo and makes you deeply understand its beauty, or he takes you to the “Last Supper” painting and explains you the reason why it is so exceptional.
The “do-it-yourself experience” in such a mass market as tourism is therefore inconceivable.
In that case the emotion becomes an experience that strengthens the initial push and turns it into concrete enrichment, avoiding the fall into disillusion through the achievement of knowledge. The “do-it-yourself experience” in such a mass market as tourism is therefore inconceivable.
How should it be an unforgettable experience?
In our opinion there is no universal definition of tourist experience, precisely because experience is a subjective perception that takes shape in our individual minds by comparing our expectations with our own experience.
For your motorbike tour experience, Aimto offers:
  • Absolute safety and security
  • Personal enrichment and satisfaction of curiosity
  • Lots of fun during your stay
  • A sense of wonder and surprise
  • A strong emotional bond among people living the same experience
This is the aim of Aimto!!

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