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Frequently Asked Questions about Guided Tours
We have divided Frequently Asked Questions in 5 topics: 
1) Company 2) Tours, Clients, Partecipants 3) Contact, Registration, Payment 4) Practical Information 5) Motorcycles.
Please take the time to read through these Faq and if you have more questions, feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you!
1) Company
  • What is Aimto? AIMTO is an acronym of Across Italy Motorcycle Tour. We chose this name in honor of our overseas friends to thank them for all the emotions that they have conveyed to all the bikers of the world who love and animate the lands, history, music and culture of any people in the world. We believe that we can do our best only by transforming our passion into a profession. We organize motorcycle tours, or rather: motorcycle vacations for Italians but especially for "overseas friends". Our mission is to introduce foreigners to Italy through the experience of a shared journey.
  • Is Aimto.it a secure site? We don’t have an e-commerce, because we strongly believe that we can build the right motorcycle tour for you only by knowing all the need you have. For this reason you can’t buy a tour without speaking with us.
  • Where is Aimto located? In Italy, obviously.
  • How can I contact Aimto customer care? You can contact us we are happy to help you.
2) Tours, Clients, Partecipants
  • What is the difference between a guided and a self guided tour? A GUIDED TOUR is a guided adventure tour with a AIMTO Tour Guide and VAN for support and transport of luggage. This tour includes the rental motorcycle, overnight stops, breakfast and dinner and a guide who explains you everything about the place you visit. Your luggage will be transferred for you in the support vehicle from hotel to hotel and the first dinner in every new town will be included in the tour price unless specified otherwise. Another amazing advantage of our guided tours is the possibility of meeting new motorcycling friends from all over the world, while in a SELF GUIDED TOURS you have only a road map to follow on your own. Motorcycle rental and hotel bookings are included. You will be provided with a GPS Navigation Device for the tour (bond). A Tour Book containing your daily schedule and recommended activities will give you additional support for your individual adventure.
  • Should I be concerned about traffic in Italy? Highways are similar to the main roads of the US, that’s why I would expect no problem there. On highways the speed limit is 130 km/hr (about 80 miles/hr). We choose for you a route that makes you better appreciate driving a motorcycle in an unknown country.
  • As a rule how many people take part in a Guided Tour? To have an unforgettable experience it’s better to be in small groups. In fact, exclusive custom made tours for groups of not more than 10 motorcycles, guarantee an excellent level of customer care and don’t compromise the pleasure of driving.
  • Do you require any experience to participate in a Guided Tour? Generally you need a valid driver license for motorcycles. We recommend to have experience in riding a motorcycle on a road full of curves, because especially in our Alps and Dolomites Tour there are a lot of curves.
  • On a Guided Tour do we always stay together in a group or can I also go on my own? We balance free time and excursion because we prevent you from getting on your bike when you are tired.
  • We are a group of friends and we would like to travel together and go on a Guided Tour on our own. Is this possible? Yes, but we suggest contacting us to organize a customized tour together.
  • Who are your Tour Guides? Our Tour Guides are all passionate motorcyclists. They are all skilled guides, coming from a special training.
  • What kind of hotels do you use? Our aim is give you an intense flavour of Italy, real Italy. We have chosen small 3/4 star family run hotels, which offer comfort, friendliness and a welcoming atmosphere. Usually we stay in the center of towns, so that in the evening you can sample Italian nightlife by strolling around the town.
  • Is it possible to participate in your tours as a single traveller? Of course. As a single traveller you will have the opportunity to get to know like-minded people and enjoy the great motorcycle adventure within a big family.
  • I have been thinking of going on a motorcycle tour for a long time but my partner isn’t interested in going on a motorbike as a passenger and I don't want to leave her alone for so long. Can AIMTO help me? Yes, contact us, we are happy to help you.
3) Contact, Registration, Payment
  • In which currency do I have to pay the tour price? The tour price must be paid in Euro to avoid adding currency fluctuations to the tour price.
  • How can I pay for my booking and how does the booking process work? We offer different options of payment. Paying by bank transfer is the most favourable option for you. We don’t have an online payment service because we prefer speaking to you to personalize your tour.
  • Do you offer special rates if I book a tour together with my friends? Of course. Groups from 6 riders get a 5% group discount.
  • How far in advance should I book? Early registrations make preparations easier for all involved. If you book at least 3 months early you will get the popular 3% Early Bird Discount from AIMTO.
  • What is the timing for booking and paying? Upon reservation, a participant must pay the registration fee and a down-payment equal to 10% of the total amount due. The balance must be paid upon receiving confirmation of reservation and in any case at least 45 days prior to the Tour’s departure date. Failure by the participant to observe the above-mentioned conditions entitles the Tour Organizer to cancel the reservation, even if already confirmed.
  • What happens if I need to change or cancel my tour? In case a participant who already registered cancels participation in a Tour, he or she will be entitled to receive reimbursement of amounts paid, less the Registration fee, and penalties as listed below:
- 10% for cancellation with notification at least 45 days prior to departure date;
- 50% for cancellation with notification 44-15 days prior to departure date;
- 75% for cancellation with notification 14-10 days prior to departure date;
- 100% for cancellation with notification of less than 9 days prior to departure date.
  • When do I receive my travel vouchers? Upon receipt of the balance of the trip in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  • Are these tours suitable for children? Our tours are not recommended for under 18 years old because they are too tiring to face even if they are only passengers.
4) Practical information
  • What level riding ability do I need to have to take part in your tours? Italy is a great place to ride, but not a place to learn to ride. We are NOT looking for fast riders, but confident riders. You need to be able to ride any type of road with a touring bike, including tight switchbacks.
  • What would I have to bring with me on the tour? Our comprehensive Tour Book, which each participant receives four weeks before the start of the tour, contains useful tips in the form of a tried and tested checklist, along with route maps and descriptions. We always give you the optimum preparation for a tour.
  • What is the weather going to be like? If you’ve all been good the weather will be too…honestly, we can never be certain; this is one factor on our tours that we still haven’t been able to influence. In general you can say that during mid summer months you have a 90% chance of dry and hot weather on any of our tours. Please come prepared, bring your raingear and a variety of clothing to be armed for all weather conditions.
  • What happens to my luggage during the tour? Usually a Van Vehicle with a driver accompanies our Guided Tours. He loads up the luggage in the morning and takes it to the hotel in the evening. All our motorcycles have saddlebags or cases, while most of them even have luggage carriers for personal items that may be needed on the route.
  • How long are the daily stages? Do we stop for rests? The daily stages vary according to the tour and the country and are quite easy to follow. We make regular stops on the Guided Tours. There is also plenty of time allowed for relaxation, sightseeing, photo stops, etc.
  • After I arrive, how do I get from the airport to the hotel, to Aimto and back? You need to arrange your own transfer from the airport to the hotel (shuttle service is usually available) unless an entire tour group arrives at the same time; in this case we will pick up the group and provide transfer. Please review transfer descriptions in your road book for your specific tour.
  • Do I need a passport or is an identity card enough? You need a passport for travelling overseas. We recommend a passport that is valid for at least six months.
  • What kind of driver licence do I need? Generally you need a valid driver license for motorcycles. For overseas travel we recommend you carry an international driver license.
  • What happens if I have an emergency during my stay? During our Guide Tours we offer all Aimto customers a 24-hour help line during their stay in the event of an emergency.
  • Why aren’t flights included in most vacation packages? The differences in the origin and date of arrival of our customers, do not allow an optimal and affordable fare for everyone. It is advisable to book the flight only after the confirmation of the tour package Aimto.
5) Motorcycle
  • I own a motorcycle, can I ride my own bike on a guided tour? Yes, you can bring your own bike; the cost for each individual tour will be quoted upon request.
  • Do I need to wear a helmet or other protections? Helmets are mandatory in Italy. It is better that you bring one with you. We generally recommend that you bring your own equipment and accessories. You know that your own clothing and helmet fit properly. It would be a nuisance to borrow a helmet that fitted initially and then later on was uncomfortable during the tour. AIMTO also strongly recommends you to ride with motorcycle boots, jackets with armour and gloves.
  • What if I need medical assistance? Italy has a huge motorcycle and scooter community and statistically there are many motorcycle accidents, but no more than in any other country in proportion to motorcycle numbers. Emergency medical staff throughout Italy are very well trained to cope with these kind of situations. Medical Insurance is strongly recommended. First aid is guaranteed to everyone.

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